Find a call (searches in all spots available, back to 2010 and returns a maximum of the 300 newest results)

Lookup a DX callsign (complex and partial searches are possible):

Explanation: For short, its MySQL-Syntax: % matches anything (just like *), _ (underscore) matches one character. Examples below.

Example full call: zl1abc or VK3PLL (no magic here)

Partial examples (in case you don't remember the full call of someone):

VK9% = Anything, in any length after VK9 matches positively and will be shown
DJ_PK = Any character matches (but only ONE), like DJ4PK matches, DJ0PK ... etc. But NOT: DJ42PK
DJ%PK = Anything in any length in between matches. Will give you: DJ0PK as well as DJ123PK
%ZL% = Anything in any length before and after ZL matches
D__AA = Will give you everything with the two missing characters, like: DJ3AA, DF8AA ...

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